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Stainless Steel Glove
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Stainless Steel Glove


Stainless steel safety gloves made by thousands of independent welding steel rings. Stainless steel wire gloves can provide reliable security prevent a sharp object cut. The gloves wear comfortable, flexible operation, and are durable. Gloves inside and outside will be able to reverse, so it suit for both left and right hand. The nylon belt metal clasps can be adjusted.

The scope of application:

1 The installation and use of cutting blade protective operations in garment factory 
2 Forging steel for the removal of protective operations in stamping factory 
3 The slaughtering plant food division protection operation 
4 Handling, packaging and testing operations of protection in the cutter tool factory Production 
5 The highly toxic liquid crystal glass cutting, handling, and assembly operations to protect 
6 Military and police security patrol enforcement of hand protection

Stainless steel glove:

Glove Size Size Number Color Code Traditional Glove ize Hand Circumference
Small 1 White 7 -7.5cm 178 mm
Medium 2 Red 8 -8.5cm 203 mm
Large 3 Blue 9 -9.5cm 229 mm
Sizes Part# Strap color Glove Weight (lbs)
Small A515S D White 0.493
Medium A515M D Red 0.555
Large A515L D Blue 0.581

Stainless steel ring data
SS Material 316
Wire Diameter 0.0197 inches
Ring Outside Diameter 0.157 inches
Ring Inside Diameter 0.118 inches
Stainless Steel Glove

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